Our Mission

Our mission and sole purpose is to help create a world where felines are valued, protected, and cared for. We use the humane practice of TNR (trap, neuter, return (or rehome) to monitor and contain the unwanted and ever-increasing overpopulation of felines in our local and surrounding communities.

Cats We’ve Saved Through Adoptions & TNR Efforts

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How You Can Support Our Team

When you donate to AdvoCats, your funds or food donations will directly save affect the lives of forgotten felines that would ordinarily be overlooked or left behind.

Your contribution helps us to continue to support financially strained neighborhoods to trap, neuter and release or rehome felines in order manage the problem of feline over population occurring everywhere!

Check out the Rescue Rack

Located in Unique Antiques & Home Décor Mall - 9600 James Madison Pkwy. King George 22485

Rescue Rack has evolved from many years of selling donated, upcycled and repurposed items.

Originally it started as a fun hobbie founder Antoinette (Toni) started out of her love for refurbishing and reclaiming lost treasures.

Today it has become a source of financial support in her efforts to reach out to the community and provide prepaid services for those who cannot afford to manage local cat colonies themselves.

Beyond finding one of kind treasures, shopping at Rescue Rack directly supports AdvoCats and allows us to continue to come to the aid of homeless felines in need.

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